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Commercial Service Solution for Aerospace Technology

  • Since 2012, China has actively encouraged civil-military integration. At present, the global aerospace technology has entered a stage of large-scal...


Since 2012, China has actively encouraged civil-military integration. At present, the global aerospace technology has entered a stage of large-scale industrial production, and it is bound to enter a stage of extensive commercialized applications. As China's aerospace industry sees an intensive period of policies, rockets and satellites have gradually opened up to private capital, and China's commercial aerospace has begun to blaze a trail.

Inclusive Aerospace: UCloud YunHan

As a fast-growing cloud computing service provider in China, UCloud and Spacety will launch the world's first and China's first time-shared commercial satellite—UCloud YunHan. UCloud believes that it has a mission to help dreamers through cloud computing and promote human progress. Although a satellite is a highly sophisticated thing, what UCloud can do is to create a platform on the ground that integrates storage, computing, manipulation, and delivery. On the one hand, UCloud hopes to participate in this project through its own technology and services as an indispensable part. On the other hand, UCloud also wants to integrate its other resources.

According to reports, UCloud will create an excellent storage and analysis platform for the massive astronomical data behind the satellites. As we all know, big data is the core asset of an enterprise. Every enterprise wants to obtain more data legally from outside and generate new business value. To achieve the safe sharing of data, UCloud has built a secure data distribution platform based on its own technological advantages. This platform is expected to solve the problem of data silos that have existed for a long time in the field of data distribution. Therefore, when the satellite data can be shared safely and effectively, we will fully tap the value behind the data, so as to further promote the progress of China's commercial aerospace industry.

It is worth mentioning that by virtue of its outstanding cloud computing service capabilities, UCloud will store and rapidly calculate the massive data collected by satellites, in order to serve research institutes, AI companies, and enthusiasts in the fields of meteorology, industry, agriculture and environmental protection while ensuring data security and independence. It converts a large amount of image data into meaningful information and applications, thus giving full play to the value of data.

Aerospace Science and Industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. (Expace)

In February 2016, Aerospace Science and Industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. (Expace), China's first specialized rocket company developed and applied using a business model, was incorporated in Wuhan, Hubei, as a subsidiary of the Fourth Academy of  China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). KZ-1 and KZ-11 are the main models for commercial launch of Expace. In January 2017, the KZ-1A carrier rocket completed its first pure commercial launch mission, unveiling a new chapter in the development of commercial aerospace for CASIC.

CASIC was keenly aware of market opportunities and realized that it blazed a new trial that had not yet been earmarked on by a domestic commercial company. In the country's first pure commercial launch mission, the government did not participate in any actual operations and was only responsible for supervision. Commercial companies were involved in the whole process from R&D and supporting to transportation and insurance of rockets and satellites, and they were linked together by commercial contracts. At present, Expace's business consists of three parts: rocket system design, rocket assembly and integration, and launch service contracting. Expace has introduced the KZ family carrier rockets for the commercial aerospace launch market: the KZ-1A family rockets that have undertaken commercial launch services; KZ-11 which is under development and to perform its maiden flight; and other large carrier rockets. The KZ family carrier rockets are characterized by "low cost, fast response, high precision, and high reliability," and have prominent advantages in cost, reliability, and rapid mobile launch. However, the long-term goal of Expace is not to make money through rocket products. We want to reduce costs and provide the cheapest rockets to drive subsequent satellite applications.

The civil-military integration in the Chinese aerospace industry is accelerating, and commercial aerospace will attract more talents, capital, and companies to share the dividends of "aerospace economy." We hope to gather more talents and capital in this field, so as to promote greater development of China's aerospace industry.