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General Overview of the Belt and Road Space Information

Corridor Cloud Platform

I. Profile of the Corridor Project

The Belt and Road Space Information Corridor, as expressly pointed out in the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction and Application of the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor" (Kegong Yisi [2016]1199) jointly issued by SASTIND and National Development and Reform Commission, is a spatial information service system involving remote sensing, transmitting, knowledge and use, based on the resources of communications satellites, navigation satellites and remote sensing satellites in orbit and under construction, supplemented with space-based resources and ground information-sharing network, and designed to provide space information service and interconnectivity for countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The construction and application of the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor is an important task established in the pursuit of the Belt and Road Initiative as well as a powerful point from which we can make headway with the Initiative. This task, if handled well, will contribute to the better collaboration in high-tech fields and the higher level of industrial cooperation between China and other countries along the route. It will promote the international cooperation in disaster prevention and reduction, ecological monitoring and scientific research, provide public products along the route, increase the people-to-people communications and cultural exchanges, and burnish the image of China as a responsible major country. It will also do good to increasing the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises in the global context, raising the utilization efficiency and technological level of Chinese space infrastructure. This task will make the space information industry of China more internationalized by promoting technology, service and products to go global.

II. Overall Positioning of the Corridor Cloud Platform

The Belt and Road Space Information Corridor is aimed to build a public service cloud platform of Chinese aerospace industry in the mode of "Internet + Aerospace", and is designed to integrate advantageous resources of all related units to form a unified channel and window for public service products displaying, supply-and-demand match-making and online transaction. It is committed to providing one-stop service of space information for Chinese enterprises going global and countries along the route, building a new business type for Chinese aerospace development and forging a new brand for China's international cooperation in aerospace.

The Belt and Road Space Information Corridor is generally positioned as an important window for China's external cooperation in aerospace, an important tie for international cooperation match-making, an important platform for Chinese enterprise to go global, and an important information provider to serve countries along the Belt and the Road. As for its function, it is designed to be a release platform of the Belt and Road Space Information Corridor, a display platform for related core capabilities and resources, a match-making platform for supply and demand at home and abroad, and a cooperation platform for Sino-foreign exchanges and socio-economic development.